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Unleash creativity in your organization: Freedom from fear

by The 100 Companies
freedom from fear

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” President Franklin Roosevelt’s words carry timeless, visceral resonance and insightfulness. Unfortunately, designers and engineers using legacy server-based, CAD and PLM systems are often afraid.

Their fear? Losing desktop-based CAD files from overwriting, systems crashing or hardware or software glitching. The impact? Creativity stifled. Ideas left unexecuted. Innovation denied.

But there’s hope.

Jon Hirschtick, PTC’s EVP, president of SaaS, manages the Onshape platform and says, “With the new reality of secure cloud-based CAD and data management, those fears evaporate. All documents, all iterations are traceable and documented, and creativity becomes boundless.”

– David Walsh, OnshapeE100 Sponsor 

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