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In critical industries, engineers are essential

by The 100 Companies

As many of us shelter in place, essential workers are still out on the job. The U.S. government designates critical infrastructure industries to keep operating during a crisis. Across these sectors, engineers are helping make sure we have the products and services we need to get through the outbreak.  

They’re keeping the lights on and water running, ensuring communications networks and computer servers are maintained, keeping supply chains operating and enabling ongoing manufacturing in everything from energy to national defense.  

Engineers are also adapting existing operations to produce medical and safety equipment for health care workers on the front lines.   

– Melissa Mathews, The Engineering 100

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SCOTT OTTERSON PE April 24, 2020 - 3:52 pm

melissa mathews; Don’t take your garbage out for a month as a Civil and Environmental Engineer designed, constructed, documented and maintains environmental controls and reporting for the landfill that it probably will go to. Maybe your lights and computer are being powered by the green energy that generators burning the landfill gas produce. And the computer case or chair that you sit on may come from recycled material that Civil Engineers try to keep out of landfills by designing, along with several other engineering fields, recycling structures. Just saying lol. Keep pointing our contributions out as we are the unsung heroes. Until a 100 year old bridge that should have had funding for maintenance collapses.


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